Amazon Bullying Small Publishers

I don’t have a book out yet, but this item worries me.  According to Writer’s Weekly, a top freelance writing site, is now bullying small publishers who use print-on-demand technology into signing contracts requiring them to use Amazon’s BookSurge POD service.  Those who refuse face no longer being able to sell through Amazon.  The dominant online bookseller is also barring authors and publishers from selling books at a discount below Amazon’s list price on their own sites, while Amazon itself reserves the right to discount.  These moves will cripple POD leader Lightning Source, and increase costs while reducing profits for authors and publishers.

Read this report by Writers’ Weekly Publisher Angela Hoy: It’s Getting HOT IN HERE: Amazon Under Fire in the U.S. and Abroad, which includes many links.





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4 responses to “Amazon Bullying Small Publishers

  1. Amazon, your time is coming.

    The new technologies mean that soon writers, like musicians, won’t require any publishing infrastructure or distribution system. Artists like Trent Reznor et all are showing us the way. Here, I wrote a bit about it on my Redroom Author page:

  2. It looks like it is time to boycott I was already upset that they were only giving my brother a dollar for every $15.50 book of his that sold on Amazon. So he was having to try to sell most copies outside of Amazon, just to have a chance of making any money worth talking about. And now amazon is going to make people like my brother promise not to sell books for any price lower than it is sold on Amazon, which would give people a decreased incentive to purchase his book outside of Amazon? I think it might be time to boycott

  3. freepresspublications

    Exploitation and anti-trust violations–this is what the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission exist for. So dig in, everyone, and just keep blogging about it in the meantime!

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