About Me

Name: Victor Kulkosky

Residence: Bonaire, Ga. 

Political position: non-partisan 

Born: July 27, 1959, Englewood, N.J.

Grew up: New York, NY

Current residence: Bonaire, Ga.

Family: Wife, one son, numerous nieces and nephews

Education: New York City public schools, including High School of Music & Art, Boston University, Fort Valley State University, University of Georgia.

Profession: Journalist/writer/editor.  Available for freelance work.

Current activities of interest: Columnist for The Leader-Tribune, Fort Valley, Ga.  Working on a book of columns.

Religion: Baha’i, since 1989

Baha’i Quote: “The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.” — Baha’u’llah

Secular Quotes: “There is no spoon.” — The Matrix

“To be means to communicate.  Absolute death (nonbeing) is the state of being unheard, unrecognized, unremembered …”  — M.M. Bakhtin

Favorite drink: black coffee

Food preference: spicy

Music: jazz, classical, anything else I like

Favorite cartoon characters: Bugs Bunny, Courage the Cowardly Dog


11 responses to “About Me

  1. kim

    I may be blind – but I do not see YOUR name anywhere. I thought I’d see it in the “about me” page… and it’s got a lot about you, but not a name.

  2. Victor……I loved what you had to say in your
    blog regarding Obama’s speech. I will pass it
    on. I hope you and the family are well! phil

    ps……did you see our new Pupil of the Eye video?

  3. Deborah Wood

    Hi Victor,
    Thought you’d like to know we have linked to your blog through the Buzz icon on our website, http://www.bahai.us.

    Deb Wood
    Office of Communications
    Baha’i National Center

  4. 2xvoice

    Kim isn’t/wasn’t blind. My name wasn’t there when she looked. Now it is. vk

  5. I have a tip for you, Victor. It appears that you are making the same mistake that I have been making on my blog until I was lucky enough to get clued in on a forum post.

    The forum post said that if you have more than 12 combined tags and categories chosen for any given post on your blog, that your entire blog gets kicked off of the WordPress master pages. Or something, to that effect. I really wish somebody had told me that a long time ago, because I thought I was doing a good thing by taking the time to include every relevant tag word and category that my articles talked about. But then I couldn’t figure out why very few people were commenting on my articles. And I also noticed that nobody ever visited my blog except when I was out actively promoting it. So I went back and reduced all of my tags/categories per article below 12, and I am hoping that I will see some increased traffic to my blog, if WordPress decides to put me back on the Master Pages.

    I hope this helps!


  6. 2xvoice

    Thanks! I’ve edited some previous entries. We’ll see what happens. vk

  7. SAM

    Don’t thank me. Just keep on with the good texts. Thank you 😉

    And, indeed, it is Portuguese and, as you mention here, there is no spoon.

  8. Hey Victor, You should reprint all of your columns from The Leader Tribune. here on your blog so that all of us outofmymindblog fans will be able to re-read all of your columns here without having to dig through all of our old copies of The Leader Tribune..

    (Plus, I heard a rumor that some of your fans don’t live in Peach County. But I guess that is why you are writing a book. How soon is the book coming out? Don’t put it on Amazon.com because they only pay you like a dollar a book which is a horrible rip off. My brother found that out the hard way when he wrote his book and sold it on Amazon.)

  9. 2xvoice

    Posting some old columns is a good suggestion. I might follow up on it, time permitting.

    I don’t know that I have many fans outside Peach County, but I’m interested in getting them, which is the purpose of the planned book. I don’t have a publication date; that depends on time and money.

    Amazon’s evil goes even deeper. They are now strong-arming Print On Demand publishers to use their lousy Book Surge printing service, or face getting the Amazo “Buy” button turned off. Most have already caved, but some are fighting.

    Go to http://www.writersweekly.com for details and news about the lawsuit by one brave POD publisher.

  10. William

    Hi Victor, I stumbled across your blog while I was googling a quote by Baha’u’llah on the Most Great Peace, ruinous wars….. I read with a little trepidation at first the article associated with it (not knowing anything about who was writing it), but quickly realized it was some excellent writing. Good luck with your work. Excellent article. Peace, W.

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